Jonathan Chane and Ruben Socarras become Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediators

February 09, 2021

Chane Socarras PLLC is pleased to now offer mediation services to resolve various conflicts and state/federal civil court litigation matters throughout Florida.   Having recently been certified as Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediators, Jonathan Chane and Ruben E. Socarras each bring their extensive litigation backgrounds and experiences to every case allowing them to have the unique ability to help parties effectively and efficiently resolve a wide variety of civil disputes through the process of neutral mediation.  

What is Mediation?

In Florida, mediation is an informal process for resolving disputes that allows parties, with the help of a qualified and certified mediator, to come to an agreement.  A certified mediator conducts the mediation according to rules and statutes in Florida requiring mediators to remain neutral, work for the mutual benefit of the parties, and help parties voluntarily enter into an agreement.   Mediation can be voluntary, prior to or during litigation, and it is Court ordered in almost every litigation matter before a case proceeds to trial.  Also, through the use of readily available Zoom videoconferencing and similar technologies, mediation can now be completed virtually from anywhere, including from the comfort of your home or office.

Mediation opens lines of communication and allows parties to explore all settlement options in order to resolve conflicts. Everything said during mediation is confidential and (except as provided by law) may not be repeated to anyone other than the other party and/or the party’s attorney.  Mediation gives parties more control over the outcome of their case, normally allows the case to be resolved on their own timeline, and can help parties avoid the immense expenses and risk associated with litigation and a trial. 

Practice Areas.

Chane Socarras, PLLC offers mediation services for the following types of civil disputes and conflicts:   

  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Duty of Loyalty
  • Complex Commercial and Business Litigation
  • Condominium, Co-Op and Homeowners’ Association Law
  • Construction Litigation, Liens and Defects 
  • Defamation
  • Employment Law, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, FLSA and Wage Disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Fraud
  • Intellectual Property disputes
  • Injunctions
  • Internet Law, Advertising, and Affiliate Marketing
  • Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Trade Secrets Litigation
  • Personal Injury and Insurance Claims
  • Probate Litigation
  • Professional Liability/Malpractice
  • Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Litigation
  • Property Insurance Claims (1st and 3rd Party)
  • Receivership Litigaiotn
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Unfair Competition and Unfair Trade Practices


Mediations can be scheduled in half day (4-hour minimum beginning at 9:00 AM or 1:00AM) or full day increments (8-hour minimum beginning at 9:00 AM). Please contact our office at 561.609.3190 or to book your next mediation with Chane Socarras, PLLC, or for more information on the firm’s mediation services, including specific practice areas for each Jonathan Chane and Ruben Socarras, scheduling and booking/cancelation policies.

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