Quiet Title Actions

July 18, 2013

If you have questions about clearing the title of a commercial or residential property, contact Chane Socarras, PLLC to speak with a Boca Raton real estate lawyer. Our experienced attorneys can provide a thorough review of your property title history and file a quiet title action to eliminate claims against your title and minimize the risk of future title disputes.


What is a Quiet Title Action?

Quiet Title ActionsWhen property titles are exchanged, legal ownership of the property can become unclear. Whether due to poor record keeping, a complicated foreclosure or fraud, other parties may claim ownership of a property you have purchased. Liens and other matters can also create dispute over the legal ownership of the title. Without a clear title to the property, you may find yourself in a legal battle over ownership. You may also face complications trying to sell the property later on as a potential buyer will have difficulty getting the title insurance required for a loan if there is a dispute over the property title.

This is when a quiet title action is necessary. A quiet title action is a lawsuit meant to clear the title of a real property by legally declaring a sole owner, and eliminating outside claims for the property. When a quiet title action is filed, all parties with a claim or potential claim for the property are notified and have a chance to argue their case for the property. Ideally, when a quiet title action is filed, a judge will issue an order annulling the conflicting claims to the title and declare you the only rightful owner of the property title.


How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

A successful quiet title action will bar others from filing a claim against your title in the future. However, if any rightful parties are left out of the lawsuit, they may later pursue a claim for the title. A real estate lawyer at Chane Socarras, PLLC can thoroughly investigate the property’s title history to ensure all interested parties are included in a well-prepared quiet title action. We can also help you deal with any other matters hindering a clear title.

Note: there are a few exceptions to quiet title actions. For example, a governmental lien against the title may not be resolved with a quiet title action. An attorney can review your specific case and advise you on what to expect and how best to proceed with clearing your title.


Contact a Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer

If you need assistance with any kind of real estate transaction, contact one of our South Florida attorneys at Chane Socarras, PLLC. We are committed to protecting the best interests of our clients and can provide legal guidance and assistance for all of your real estate needs. We will thoroughly review your case, explain your legal options and assist you in achieving the best possible solution.

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